Korn. King's X. Dokken.  Strange bedfellows indeed.  Turns out that Korn drummer Ray Luzier has always been a fan of King's X, and according to a video recently posted online, Luzier and King's X bassist/frontman Dug Pinnick bumped heads at a show in L.A., with Pinnick telling Luzier:

"I would see you at almost every King's X show at LA. You'd wait at the back."

Watch Dug, George, and Ray take on Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak" live:

Luzier responds: "You know what I said to you? I said, 'Before I die I want to pay tambourine on one of your tracks – on anything."

And the result?  A new supergroup called KXM, that also includes Dokken/Lynch Mob guitar slinger George Lynch.  How did George get in the picture?  Check out the video, which includes all the details, and a preview of KXM's first track, "Gun Fight":

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