Homecoming is a very special time for students, especially in middle school.  That's the first time a lot of school kids get the opportunity to show their school spirit, dress up, and go to a dance - believe me, that last part is a very big deal.  Kids at that age are starting to experience feelings for each other, and have a lot of anxiety about it.  That's why parents of students at the middle school in Iowa, Louisiana are furious over the dress-up theme for homecoming week.

Last week, a parent lashed out on twitter over the ordeal.  M.J. Mouton was furious about what his 12 year-old daughter's school had planned for "stoplight day."   This dress-up spirit day came with instructions for kids to wear traffic light inspired colors to signify their relationship status.  Red for taken, green for single, and yellow for "it's complicated."  According to Fox News, the middle school also planned a "gender war" day where boys wear pink and girls wear blue.  Some parents say the school has crossed a very inappropriate line.

Reportedly, the stoplight idea is a carryover from nearby Iowa High School.  Students there use the color coded spirit day to find out who might be available for the homecoming dance.  Mouton and many other parents think middle school kids are too young for that kind of pressure.

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