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Remember when making a paper airplane in class would get you into trouble?  There you are, beaming with pride at the aeronautical origami you just pulled off and the teacher gets mad just because it buzzed her doing Mach 3 while she was trying to teach everyone about the Magna Carta!  Don't worry, there are loads of people that will appreciate your skills.

One such organization is the world's most famous extreme-sports sponsor and enemy of sleep - Red Bull.  The very same folks who support wingsuit gliders that jump from plan-to-plane are currently searching for Earth's greatest paper airplane and the engineer that made it.  That search brought the energy-drink maker to Louisiana Tech University earlier this week.

According to a report from MyArkLaMiss, the Red Bull Paper Wings paper plane competition was in Ruston, Louisiana at LA Tech to find the 2 best paper aviators in the entire school.  Judges were looking at 2 key elements when deciding which aircraft would win: Distance and length of flight.

According to the report, LA Tech is joining a pool of over 60 countries and more than 200 universities around the globe vying for paper plane glory!  One the judges have made their decision and picked 2 clear winners, those paper-folders will move on to the National Championship in Huntsville, Alabama.  The winner there will get a free all-expense paid trip to Salzburg, Austria (AKA the home of Red Bull) - presumably in a metal airplane.

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