Geek’d Con such an incredible event. Over 15,000 geeks all coming together for one big weekend in Downtown Shreveport. For two years Geek'd Con has continued to grow, and is looking to make an even bigger splash in 2017. But that can't happen without your help.

We’ve been able to meet geek heroes like Peter Mayhew (the man behind Chewbacca) and Cassandra Peterson…Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, all without spending crazy transportation costs. Plus Geek’d has help to build the local cosplay and gamin communities, by bringing people together, and allowing them to flourish among other like-minded geeks.

So what do you want to see next? What do you want to see get better? Here's your chance to make your voice heard.

Geek’d Con will return to the Shreveport Convention Center in August of 2017, and planning is already underway. But Geek’d Con needs your help! Answer these questions to help Geek’d Con create the best event Shreveport has ever seen: