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From the National Weather Service
From the National Weather Service

Hurricane Laura is being compared to Hurricane Rita by many weather experts and the path it's taking is strikingly similar as well. And in the most recent report from Louisiana Radio Network, Laura is forecast to maintain it's hurricane strength all the way through tomorrow afternoon as it heads here into the Northwest corner of Louisiana.

Directly from the National Weather Service, we learn that Laura is expected to rapidly strengthen to a Category 4 Hurricane and is forecast to produce a life-threatening storm surge, extreme winds and flash flooding over eastern Texas and Louisiana later today.

As we are currently under a "Tropical Storm Warning," the NWS is projecting four to six inches of rain here in Shreveport, Natchitoches and Homer. Caddo Emergency Preparedness Deputy Director Robert Jump says we could see up to eight inches of rain in isolated areas. “We can deal with that over a week but if we deal with that in an afternoon or over the course of a few hours drainage becomes tough,” says Jump.

Also in those projections, our region could see sustained winds of 74 miles per hour or more, which, outside of tornadic conditions, is highly unusual this far from the coast.

Jump says people need to prepare. “Batten down the hatches around your properties, make sure any canopies or tents are put away, lawn furniture those kinds of things could be weapons if picked up by a strong wind,” says Jump.

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