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Several times over the past year, especially in the height of the Presidential race, I noticed a number of my friends had essentially disappeared from social media. I would later discover that most of those claimed they had been placed in "Facebook Jail."

The part that infuriated them more than losing access to the social media platform, was that they felt they had been discriminated against for their conservative views.

Apparently, the same things have happened to so many Louisiana citizens, that Alexandria Representative Lance Harris has authored a bill that would allow you to take social media companies to court if they ban or restrict your account in a biased manner.

According to Harris, “This bill would ensure that standards were applied neutrally across the spectrum of politics, ideology, race, gender, or religious beliefs.”

In a story from the Louisiana Radio Network, Harris explains that if the bill passes, those who feel unfairly targeted by these social media companies, could take that company to court and possibly win as much as $50,000 in damages per violation.

“It would be simple to show a problematic account or tweet that was not deleted, they could have that and say look what is the difference between this account and mine,” said Harris.

Addressing opposition to the proposed legislation who contend that social media companies have a right to dictate what content their platforms host, Harris rebutted that there’s already precedent for this type of regulation, “Let’s just take for instance buying a cold drink at the store. You can’t discriminate against someone because of their race or religion or gender and not sell them a drink because of that.”

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