According to WalletHub, if you're a smoker in Louisiana, it will cost you nearly $2 Million over your lifetime.

That number is phenomenal to me, and actually quite eye-opening. If you're looking to kick a bad habit, and also save an absolute ton of money overtime, this should be a wake up call for you.

WalletHub recently ran data to figure out how much smokers in each state will spend over the course of their life.

Obviously, this data is more than simply the price of cigarettes per pack multiplied by days in an average life. They also look at the healthcare situation and costs in every state, and add those stats to get the large number of nearly $2 Million.

The cost was based on the average pack-a-day smoker beginning at age 21 to 69. The average Louisiana smoker spends $113 thousand in healthcare costs, which is third in the nation.

Wallet Hub Survey Results for Louisiana

  • Out-of-cost per smoker $102,142 (Rank: 15th)
  • Financial-Opportunity Cost per Smoker $1,138,749 (Rank 15th)
  • Health-Care Cost per Smoker $113,254 (Rank 3rd)
  • Income Loss per Smoker $441,271 (Rank 4th)
  • Other Costs per Smoker $14,389 (Rank 41st)
  • Total Cost Over Lifetime per Smoker $1,809,805
  • Total Cost per Year per Smoker $37,704



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