Every Saturday during the 1:00 PM hour, I interview people in the local stand-up comedy community which is collectively known as the SBC Comedy Guild. Zach Buhrer is the "officially unofficial" spokesman for the guild, and he brings in some really funny folks for me to talk to during that hour.

This past Saturday, Zach brought in the duo behind a web series that is produced right here in Shreveport called "Unemployed." Creators of the series, Josh Munds and Johnny Walker, sat down with me and gave me an overview of their hilarious show. Basically it's just two friends trying to get jobs, but their ways aren't exactly the best employment gaining tactics.

According to their website:

Josh and Johnny aren't the brightest pair, but they make up for their dim-wittedness with determination and innocence. Their methods may be lacking, but their hearts are in the right place. Maybe breaking into a bar to take over the workload, harassing Marco and writing into Gregslist didn't work out, but they're not giving up yet.

The web series has already been selected for viewing in three separate film festivals (Los Angeles CineFest, HollyWeb Festival, and The Miami Independent Film Festival) and in one episode...you get to see Zach Buhrer in a bra. That's gotta be worth something, right?

Check the pilot episode of "Unemployed" here, then go over to their WEBSITE to check out the rest of Season One!

And if you're looking for work...DO NOT follow their lead...or you will stay UNEMPLOYED!

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