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Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images
Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

If you're a little stressed these days, it's totally understandable.  But you might not have known that those of us blessed to call Louisiana, home, are the absolute most stressed out people in the whole country.

Coronavirus has us stressed.  Unemployment has us stressed.  Having the kids at home 24/7 REALLY has us stressed.  And this is something that people all over America are experiencing, but here in Louisiana, we evidently have a lot more to stress about than any other state.

In a new study done by WalletHub, Louisiana, for the third time in a row, topped the list of the "Most Stressed Out States."  While the study did factor in a few coronavirus stats, it's not a totally accurate reflection of that stress alone.  Course, with us suffering so badly from the pandemic, those numbers certainly wouldn't help our case.

The WalletHub survey did take into account 41 different metrics across four categories:  Health, money, work, and family-related stress.  It was basically a snapshot of  everything from income and job security to divorce rates and childcare issues.

And when all the results were tabulated, once again, Louisiana was the Number One Most Stressed Out State.  Just as we were in 2019 and 2018.  Mississippi was number two, New Mexico came in at number three and Arkansas was number four.

So, just what state is least likely to need a Tums from all the stress level?  Minnesota!  Number two was North Dakota and South Dakota finished at number three.

To see the complete results of WalletHub's survey just go to WalletHub.com

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