A Louisiana Department of Public Safety officer has been arrested after he sparked a huge DPS response over an apparent lie this week.  According to the official post from the Louisiana State Police, the 29 year old Chandler LeGrange has not only been locked-up, but he's been fired as well after it was discovered he fabricated the story that sparked a massive manhunt that included several DPS officers on Juban Road in Livingston Parish.

The DPS probationary employee was booked yesterday on malfeasance in office and filing false public records charges after he allegedly reported that he was in a pursuit that involved gunfire from a motorcyclist on Juban Road in Livingston Parish.  LeGrange described the suspect as a "heavily tattooed motorcyclist riding a red or orange older model sports bike and wearing a helmet with a purple mohawk."  Officials started to notice inconsistencies in LeGrange's story during the investigation, and came to the conclusion that the whole incident was a huge waste of resources and everyone's time.  Chandler LeGrange is currently in the Livingston Parish Jail.

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