Louisiana Governor Edwards will not be signing a bill that passed during the legislative session dealing with carrying concealed guns.

Lawmakers passed a bill giving residents the right to carry a concealed gun without having a permit or license.

There has been some talk from several lawmakers about going into a special session to override this veto. But that would be a long shot. The majority of legislators in both the House and Senate must agree to gather back in Baton Rouge for a veto session.

Traditionally, the Senate has not been willing to return to work.

But if lawmakers do return to Baton Rouge, it would take a two-thirds majority vote of both houses to override a gubernatorial veto.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott says he will sign a similar bill that recently passed in Texas.

In Louisiana, this bill would allow anyone 21 and older to carry a concealed gun without a permit. Right now, you have to have a permit and that requires training.

The NRA is already getting involved in this fight. They are urging you to contact your lawmakers about this measure. Click here to get involved. The NRA is expected to be active in Louisiana campaigns and is encouraging lawmakers to vote for a veto session if the Governor does veto this bill.

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