COVID-19 cases are dropping in Louisiana after another surge brought cases and hospitalizations up to 3,000 in August.

That number has dropped down to 380 as of this week, and Governor John Bel Edwards says "We are down very close to the baseline of COVID numbers in terms of cases and positivity hospitalizations where we were before the fourth surge." 83 percent of people hospitalized with COVID currently have not been fully vaccinated against the virus.

Governor Edwards says figures show that the coronavirus is dropping off in Louisiana. JBL said during his Ask The Governor podcast:

“Our positivity rates for tests currently in Louisiana is a little less than three percent, it had gotten over 16 percent at the peak. We had over 3,000 people in the hospital at one time,”.

No decision has been made on whether the mask mandate will be kept in place to further curb the spread of the virus in the Bayou State. JBL said:

“I received my first briefing today about what the current situation is relative to the decision next week on what we keep in place and what we lift,”.

The Governor claims that decision should come around next week.

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