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We're known for our hospitality, food, festivals, and fun in Louisiana. But with that being said, how happy are we? According to Wallethub.com, we're not very happy at all despite all of the aforementioned positives. Louisiana ranks as 2021's 48th happiest state in the country... or third from last.

How does Louisiana stack up?

While the whole country has been dealing with the pandemic, Louisiana has been hit particularly hard. When you add in the issues we've had with the weather, between hurricanes and winter storms, we're pretty stressed out. Case in point, when it comes to our overall health and wellbeing, Louisiana came in 44th. I'm sure that's a result of our continuing issues with healthcare and obesity. When it comes to our workplace environment, we rank 50th. That's definitely a scary number. On the flip side, with regard to community and environment, we do much better, coming in 28th. While it's not a top 10 finish, it's a vast improvement over the other key metrics.

What areas do we have the most trouble with here in Louisiana?

Louisiana ranks 49th in the country in safety, so that plays a big part in our overall happiness. When it comes to marital bliss, we're not so blissful. Louisiana has the 47th highest divorce rate. Another area of concern is income growth and we're not doing much better at 48th. As for sports, we're big fans in Louisiana, but we apparently don't want to play them ourselves, because we're tied for 47th when it comes to sports participation.

Source: WalletHub

How did our neighbors do?

Texas came in at a surprising 38th place according to Wallethub. We thought everything was bigger in Texas, including their smiles! Mississippi beat us by one, ending up in 47th place. And thank you Arkansas for coming in lower than we did at 49th. While we're not celebrating your sadness, we're just glad we're not alone.


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