Louisiana, and Shreveport in particular, has always been a hot bed for musical talent. Our homegrown talent is second to none; whether you're talking about Lead Belly or the Seratones. Plus, the history of the acts that made Louisiana home is just outstanding (Hank Williams and Johnny Horton just to name a couple) . And this year, the spotlight will be shining bright on Louisiana and Shreveport.

Just to briefly run down the list of local Shreveport nominees:

Dominique Jones aka DOE is nominated for Best Gospel Performance Song.

Shreveport's Brian Blade is nominated for Best Jazz Instrumental Album with the Wayne Shorter Quartet.

And, in the category of Best Historical AlbumAt The Louisiana Hayride Tonight is up for a Grammy. Several of the producers and engineers are also nominated to win Grammys for their work on the Hayride Album.

Now, speaking of the Hayride nomination, there will be a huge celebration for the nomination at Municipal Auditorium this Sunday (February 10th). The event will feature a who's who of the local political and musical world.

Here's what the Muni posted about the event:

Come celebrate the Grammy nomination for the "At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight" album. We will be joined by special musical guests Buddy Flett, Maggie Warwick, Ted Jones, and many more Louisiana music greats. We will also be joined by special guests Gov. John Bel Edwards, Mayor Adrian Perkins, and Mayor Lo Walker.

The event is free to the public and sounds like its going to be a BLAST!


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