Did you hear the one about the turtle wearing a bra? Well, it's actually not a joke. It's actually a rather inventive way that one animal rescue organization has come up with to aid in the recovery of injured turtles. That group is reaching out to the women of Louisiana and elsewhere around the nation for help in the form of donated brassieres.

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue is asking ladies to donate their used bras as part of the project. The group suggests that you remove the eye closures from the fasteners and mail them in. The group will then use your donation to create a rehabilitation device that will hold a turtle's damaged shell together while it heals.

Members of CWR say their group is seeing about forty injured turtles a week. Most of the animals are injured as a result of an interaction with a car, lawnmower, or boat. The device fabricated from the donated bras is used to secure damaged sections of the turtle's shell in such a way that the pieces can grow back.

If you'd like to make a donation to the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue you can find out the best way to do that via their website. Or you can mail the eye closures and fasteners to Carolina Waterfowl Rescue at P.O. Box 1484 Indian Trail North Carolina, 28079.

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