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On September 1st, the CDC issued a moratorium on evictions across the country.  About 3 weeks after an executive order from President Trump suggested the move to health officials, the Centers for Disease Control ordered a halt to any and all actions designed to remove residents from their homes.

The move was made in order to help combat the coronavirus, as the CDC had ruled that staying at home as much as possible was the best way to limit exposure to people carrying the virus.  In light of the fact that thousands off folks were laid-off if not fired outright in the wake of the economic fallout of the pandemic - this seemed like a reprieve at just the right time.  However, this momentary relief was not a "rent-free" holiday.

Now, landlords in Louisiana want their due - and they're not alone.  Similar lawsuits happening simultaneously in Georgia, Ohio, and Tennessee are aiming to overturn an edict they say the CDC was never authorized to make.  According to PBS, 13 other states and the District of Columbia are also trying to reinstate a landlord's ability to kick-out non-paying tenants.

The Census Bureau's latest numbers put the number of renters in Louisiana at more than a million and a half.  If this lawsuit succeeds, or when this moratorium ends on its own - I expect to see quite a few "for rent" signs up across Shreveport / Bossier City.

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