Dortha Cummins is Deputy Director of the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission and she recently stated that over the past five years, 139 people were killed on Louisiana roads during the Christmas and New Year's Eve holiday period. And the most disturbing part of her findings was that "In 2017, 9 out of the 15 fatalities that happened, involved alcohol." With that in mind, Louisiana will increase presence on Louisiana roads during this period with much needed patrols.

According to Cummins, drivers need to be aware that, through New Year's Day, law enforcement will be out actively looking for any driver who might be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or both.

Cummins goes on to say "They're going to have zero tolerance, so there is a chance, more so than usual, that you can could be stopped and get a citation for impaired driving during this time of year." She includes that Louisiana is one of five states who received a grant from the rideshare app "Lyft" to provide a $5 discount for anyone in Louisiana who uses the code word "RIDESMARTLA."

She encourages all to "take advantage of this opportunity."

And she's right. It's never a good time to drink or do drugs and drive, but certainly not when so many will be out and about.

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