First, we would like to say that drinking and driving is dumb. However, drinking and driving to a police station, pretty much, raises the bar of stupidity to another level.

Just ask 31-year-old Patrick W. Ruffner, who reportedly called the Louisiana State Police over the weekend to complain he had been the unfortunate victim of a hit-and run. So, the officer at the other end of the line told Ruffner to come down to the station to fill out a police report. Ruffner told the officer he was on his way…

The officer had no way of knowing that the man was under the influence of booze, nor did he have any reason to believe that he intended to drive drunk to the station. But that is exactly what Ruffner did: he pulled into the parking lot just before four a.m. drunk off his ass wanting to file a complaint.

However, when Ruffner stepped inside the station, the officer planning to take his statement “suspected that he [Ruffner] was under the influence of alcohol,” according to a police statement. A series of failed sobriety tests would co-sign these suspicions, which eventually led to Ruffner confessing that he was, in fact, drunk.

To make things worse, Ruffner was driving on a suspended license, and the vehicle he used to drive to the station was not the one supposedly involved in the hit-and-run.

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