If you were like me when you read that headline, I'm sure your first thought was "That's not possible."

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But, Courtney Spears of Baton Rouge would have to argue with both of us, as the Louisiana woman just beat all the odds and did just that.

She Just Gave Birth To Her 3rd Set Of Twins In Less Than 2 Years

According to theadvocate.com, on May 10 at Lane Memorial Hospital in Zachary, Louisiana, Courtney gave birth to Camryn and Eva, who just happen to be her third set of twins, and miraculously, all three sets of twins were born in just two years.

I'm not sure that she has any idea of the odds that she would ever beat to do something this incredible, but she certainly might want to consider getting a Mega Millions ticket for tonight's $112 million drawing.

The Odds Were Incredible That She Was Even Able To Get Pregnant

Theadvocate.com says that not only are the odds for this unfathomable, but the third pregnancy for Courtney was "after surgery designed to prevent pregnancy."

So, the first odds breaker that we have to hurdle is the simple math on this one. How was it possible to give birth three times in two years, twins or not?

Apparently, the third set of twins were born in Courtney's 36th week of pregnancy and if the other two sets didn't go full term either, then the math, however incredible, works out.

Next, let's consider the odds of three sets of twins.  According to thetech.org, it's estimated that one of every 250 natural pregnancies will result in twins.

Now, the mind blowing odds come home to rest. BBC.com says,

... in theory the odds of having two sets would be 112 multiplied by 112, which is around 12,500 to one and the odds of having three sets would be 112 cubed, or 1.4 million to one.

While no where near the record 16 sets of twins born to Feodor Vassilyev, a peasant from Russia, in the 1700's, Spears said, "This is God's plan."

Of course, we would all have to agree!

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