We already know they're the greatest band in all of college football... with the absolute BEST Fight Song EVER.  But now, the Golden Band from Tigerland can add Grammy nomination to their resume.


Sean Ardoin, a Lake Charles musician and former member of the LSU Marching Band recently received a Grammy nomination for Best Regional Roots Music Album for his album Full Circle.

“Man, I can’t even express to you in words, how excited I am, that my alma mater, my former band, I was in the Tiger Band, is now Grammy nominated. I’m on top of the world right now,” said Ardoin.

What makes this album unique and special is, that in addition to being nominated for a Grammy,  every song on the album is the LSU Marching Band performing with Ardoin and his band.  The songs feature creole, rock, and soul, as well as zydeco. Ardoin said all 14 songs were recorded in less than 2 days.

Ardoin came up with the idea after talking to the LSU Band director Dr. Kelvin Jones during the Auburn game at Tiger Stadium.

“And I said well Doc you know if the LSU marching band did a project with me and my band and my music and we put it in my category you know we’ve got a shot at getting the LSU marching band a Grammy. He said let’s do it,” Ardoin explained.

As his way of saying thanks, and showing his appreciation to the LSU program, Ardoin is releasing a special purple & gold vinyl version of Full Circle, and he's donation 15 percent of sales back to the Golden Band.

The 2023 Grammys will be announced on Sunday night, February 5th.

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