Buc-ee's the best gas station of all time opened its first-ever Non-Texan Buc-ee's store. According to AL.com, the Texan sized gas station company opened the biggest gas station that Alabama has ever seen. The Alabama Buc-ee's is a 53,254-square-feet playground. "More than 21 times the size of the average convenience store." With over 120 gas pumps, that pit stop is huge.

I drove past the monstrous gas station over the summer and I was amazed. 250 jobs were added in Alabama. Just like In-N-Out Burgers, Buc-ee's takes care of their workers with their compensation. $13 to $17 an hour doesn't sound too bad, does it?

Buc-ee's needs to look into Texas' favorite neighboring state Louisiana. We realize we can't be their first Non-Texan Buc-ee's. We are okay with becoming the second Non-Texan place to welcome a Buc-ee's. We think Shreveport would be the perfect place to bring a Buc-ee's.

Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

4 Reasons Shreveport Needs a Buc-ee's:

  1. Clean Restrooms for all! Imagine if Shreveport was that place where people driving cross country would say "Wait until we get to Shreveport! They have the good restrooms at Buc-ee's" Shreveport should be celebrated for our clean restrooms and not our horrid roads.
  2. Jobs! 250 jobs to be exact, we could use those here. Imagine the boost that would take place in our little Shreveport economy.
  3. Gas is easy to access. 120 pumps mean everyone gets gas, the kind of gas you put in your car. Have you ever tried to fill up on Pines Road off I-20 in Shreveport? Every other gas pump is messed up and the lines to get a gas pump that works takes up over 30 minutes. More gas pumps mean happier Shreveporters and people who drive through our fine town.
  4. Beaver Nuggets! The list of snacks that we could have easy access to would make everyone in Shreveport happy. From the best beef jerky to kolaches, we could use the vast snack selection in Shreveport. Why are all the snacks at Buc-ee's sinfully delicious?
  5. Happiness. Seriously, have you ever seen anyone that is sad at Buc-ee's? No? It's because you can't be sad at Buc-ee's.


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