Politicians are dumb. We all know this.

But some politicians are dumber than others. Example A, Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni.

Mr. Yenni is a super-conservative, Catholic, Republican (this info is partially important because it's part of the platform used to run for office) who is the former Mayor of Kenner, who now holds the office of Jefferson Parish President. Back in 2015, Yenni decided it was a good idea to send sexually explicit texts to a high school student from New Orleans.

The scandal was uncovered after Yenni had become the Parish President, but the actions took place while he was the Mayor of Kenner, and some reports suggest that Yenni met the student while working in an official capacity. The student was 17-years-old at the time, which technically means he was over the age of consent in Louisiana, so on the surface it would appear that no laws were broken. But there might be something else that can be worked into a charge in the future.

This incident has led to other fallout for Yenni, who has had to suspend all activities around Jefferson Parish Schools. There may also be concerns about what the Archdioceses of New Orleans may do to Yenni in a church-capacity.

Now that we've looked at all of that, let's look at that video apology again...

Are you serious?

THIS is what the reaction in?

You just ADMITTED to this, and didn't resign on the spot!?!?!

For 9,000 different reasons, between your political affiliation, religious affiliation, office held, and various other reasons, you should be resigning on the spot. This isn't something like not tipping, or running a red light...YOU TEXTED A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT SEXUALLY EXPLICIT MATERIALS WHILE YOU WERE THE MAYOR OF A CITY! The best you can break off is a "gosh darn I'm sorry" video?

At least someone has common sense down there, because according to some reports, others are starting the recall paperwork for him.