The 2016 political season has been the craziest in history. We have two evil billionaires fighting atop the Presidential race, we have a KKK Grand Wizard running again, and now we have a War of Goats being declared.

John Kennedy is the State Treasurer in Louisiana, a position he's held for 16 years. Originally elected as a Democrat, he changed his party to Republican in 2007, and is now running as a Republican for a Senate seat in Louisiana.

Which is where this new ad comes in.

Kennedy is pushing a no-nonsense terrorism policy, in which he declares that aligning with terrorist organizations is your death sentence (let's skip over the difficulty in pinning down which group an individual is tied to without a trial or confession) but he doesn't end there.

He plans to "hit you back, and your buddies...and your goat."

Yup, you just heard him threaten goats.

We're not sure what Kennedy has against goats, but it's clear that he's not a fan. Perhaps a goat harmed him physically or emotionally in the past, but he hasn't made that clear yet. We may have to wait for a follow up ad, but what we're left with right now, is that John Kennedy has put goats on notice.