Fifteen years ago, Lonnie Joseph Payne was serving a 12 year prison sentence for burglary in the East Feliciana Parish Prison.  The Slaughter, Louisiana native was weed-eating near the front gate in July of 2003 as part of his work detail, when he casually left the gate unlocked.  He would return to the same spot later, go through the unlocked gate, and scale an 8 foot chain-link and escape.  What happened next is still a mystery, as he was able to slip past authorities and make his way to old Mexico.

Mr. Payne was able to live the life of an escaped con for more than 15 years in the coastal resort, and notorious party town of Cancun.  The details describing his capture and arrest have not yet been released, but the Advocate reports that the 44 year old could be returning to his former home in the East Feliciana Parish Prison as soon as Monday.

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