A few weeks ago, I travelled with a friend of mine to Simsboro, Louisiana, where he was dropping off a buck he had just harvested, at the local deer processor.

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While there, he was approached by a member of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries who asked if he would be willing to have the deer's head evaluated for signs of Chronic Wasting Disease or CWD.

He quickly complied and I was impressed with the professionalism and depth of knowledge this young man exhibited, but was more impressed with his quick response to a question I had. The question I posed of him was, "With the increased testing you guys have implemented since CWD was just discovered only 7.5 miles north of Louisiana, have you discovered any CWD positive deer in Louisiana?"

His answer then was "No" and according to LDWF, that answer remains correct today.

If you recall, the Arkansas deer that tested positive for the fatal CWD was only a few miles north of Union and Morehouse Parishes in Northeast Louisiana and sent a wave of fear for the area that deer in Louisiana had also contracted the dreaded disease. However, according to LDWF, that's not the case.

In a recent report from LDWF, they received test results of 104 deer in Union Parish and 54 in Morehouse Parish, and so far all tests have been negative.

LDWF has also received 96 more samples for Union and 16 more for Morehouse Parish and submitted to LSU Diagnostic Laboratory for testing. A total of 270 samples have been taken and LDWF is in need of 30 more deer to reach the goal of 300.

This doesn't mean that the testing will end, but it does bring on a sigh of relief to Louisiana hunters, that at this time, if all the results continue to return negative, we've indeed dodged a bullet for the time being.

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