US Senator from Louisiana Bill Cassidy talks about the growing tensions between the US and Russia and how if Joe Biden would follow the Ronald Reagan strategy, Vladimir Putin would have no choice but to back down.

Reagan's Plan and Why It Worked

In the end, says Cassidy, the difference comes down to Reagan's willingness to use America's energy production as a weapon. "Russia has been going after Ukraine for eight years and they'll continue to go after Ukraine as long as they can," Cassidy says, "The only way to address it long term is to go straight at the Russian economy. Ronald Reagan did it when he was President by having Saudi Arabia flood the world with cheap oil. It meant the Soviet Union didn't make money (from) pumping it. It collapsed their economy, collapsed their war machine."

Here Cassidy explains, in detail, the Reagan plan from the 80s that would work again today.

And Biden's Strategy Undermines America's Security

But then Cassidy makes the point - strongly - that the current President is no Ronald Reagan. "Substitute natural gas for oil and you've got today's Russian economy. That's how they fund their war machine. (Meanwhile) Joe Biden's doing everything he can to impede America's domestic energy production."

The Cassidy sums up the difference between the successful Reagan plan and what he sees as the doomed Biden strategy. "We're paying more at the pump. We're paying more in general. And we don't have the same amount (of natural gas) to ship overseas to thwart the Russian economy and keep them from having the money to fund their invasion of Ukraine. That's the long term strategy we need. Biden does not have that."

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