Most cities in Louisiana don't even allow them, and you never know when you enter a municipality that does.  If you speed through a town that uses speed enforcement cameras, a ticket will just show up in your mailbox.  No way to fight it, no one to plead your case to.  They don't care if your 98-year-old grandmother was on her deathbed, you were speeding--end of story.

That's one of the main reasons why Covington Representative Paul Hollis is presenting a proposal in the next session of the Legislature that would outlaw speed enforcement cameras.  Like many of the current practice's detractors, Hollis says that these cameras deny citizens the constitutional right to confront their accuser. In addition, he says they're basically money grabs for cash-strapped cities.

Hollis' proposed constitutional amendment will require approval by two-thirds of the legislature to go on a ballot where the public would ultimately decide its fate.

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