Louisiana educators, administrators, and really anyone working for the state's school system have long had the benefit of maternity leave to the tune of 30 days.  That means that when a female employee gets pregnant, she is entitled to 30 days of paid leave in order to spend crucial bonding time with her infant before she returns to work.  While that is a very compassionate and caring policy that our teachers deserve, there was a segment of moms-to-be that did not have access to this leave - adoptive parents.

Fortunately, lawmakers have seen decided that these benefits should be extended to parents of adopted children.  When you get down to what the leave is supposed to be for, adoption totally qualifies.  Taking 30 days to bond with, set up child care for, and rearrange your entire life around a new child is necessary whether they are adopted or biologically yours.  The move was made by legislators to promote adoption, and is a victory for educators and orphans alike.

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