If You Hear "Let's Get It Dude" We All Think of the Same Dude on TikTok Right?

StaleKracker is a cajun cook who has captivated the hearts of people all over America. He started off by sharing cajun cooking videos and before we knew it the cajun cook had over 6 million followers on TikTok and even had his own cooking spices.

TikTok User StaleKracker
TikTok User StaleKracker
@stalekracker #moist #jambalaya #findyourgrace #cajun #ItsGreatOutdoors #louisiana #yardpimp #cajuntwostep #gatordrool #hotsauce ♬ original sound - Stalekracker


Many People Don't Know that StaleKracker is a Louisiana State Trooper, Well Up Until Today.

Yes, StaleKracker had another job besides selling Cajun Two Step his famous seasoning. StaleKracker's real name is Justin Chiasson and according to WBRZ.com he is now out of a job with the Louisiana State Police. This comes after an investigation after claims were made that Chiasson ran away from a boating crash while off duty in July of 2022. He was a passenger on the boat and after the boat crashed into another boat both Chiasson and the driver of the boat fled the scene. Neither of the men involved in the crash bothered to report the wreck after it happened. According to WBRZ.com Justin Chiasson is terminated from Louisiana State Police effective January 6, 2023. Chiasson was fired for "violating LSP's code of conduct, including conduct unbecoming of an officer and making false statements."

It Looks Like StaleKracker Will Be Making Money on His Website Moving Forward.

He has all kinds of merch up for sale on thecajuntwostep.com and he also has several endorsements. @stalekracker Cajuncrawfish.com -order in the link!!! #WidenTheScreen #nationalcrawfishday #tipsandtricks #cajuntiktok #takeabite #learnwithme #foodontiktok #fyp ♬ original sound - Stalekracker

@stalekracker #happynewyear #cornbread #cabagge #blackeyedpeas #2023 #newyearseve #KAYKissCountdown ♬ original sound - Stalekracker

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