In the spirit of full disclosure: I used to be a waiter.  If you have ever strapped on one of those half aprons, or know what the term "in the weeds," means  - than you know that sometimes restaurant patrons can test your patience.  That being said, I have never actually stabbed a customer.  Thought about in a moment of rage after taking a verbal beating from a customer over the ratio of ice to tea, sure - but never acting upon it.

I can't say the same for Mr. Froilan Diaz-Pineda, employee at Taqueria Sanchez in Metairie.  According to, Diaz-Pineda and an unnamed customer got into a fight when the stabbing occurred - although the accounts of what started the fight differ.  The customer maintains that he gave a compliment to a lady that turned out to by Frolian's wife, and that's when the man attacked him.  Diaz-Pineda's account is much crazier.  He claims the man challenged him to a hot-sauce drinking contest and bet him $10.  After Mr. Froilan drank the hot sauce, the customer refused to settle the debt and stated he wouldn't be paying for his meal either.  The customer then stated "If you want some of this, then come and get it," - and the fight was on.

Mr. Diaz-Pineda was arrested by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office and charged with aggravated battery.

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