If you have, or have ever had, children, you've probably made a visit or two to Chuck E. Cheese.  Maybe you had a birthday party for your child, or went to one for a neighbor's kid.

The few times we went to C.E.C., my kids were enthralled by the animatronic animals in the house band.  They loved playing the games that rewarded them with tickets which they could redeem for three Tootsie Rolls® and a Chinese finger trap.  Sometimes they could even coax me into playing Skee-Ball so they could get a few more tickets.

What I remember most about those times is the incredible cacophony that bombards your senses when you walk in the door.  There's the screaming and laughter of excited kids running amok.  There's the bells and whistles coming from the game room and the songs emanating from the animatronic stage.  My kids couldn't get enough of it.

Apparently the frenzy that is Chuck E. Cheese is just a little too much for some adults,  like Katarian Marshall of New Orleans.  She was arrested at the Chuck E. Cheese in Metarie, LA, after she allegedly sprayed a number of adults and children with pepper spray.  Apparently Ms. Marshall got into an argument and felt the need to spritz some of the other patrons.  Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lt. Jason Rivarde says that five adults and two children were treated at the scene for exposure to pepper spray.

Fighting at Chuck E. Cheese is not new. You may remember a brawl that broke out almost two years ago at the Chuck E. Cheese in Bossier City. You can check out the story and video about that fight here.

Marshall has been charged with disturbing the peace by fighting, and was released on a 250-dollar bond.  $250, huh?  Seems to me that money could've been better spent on more pizza and tokens.

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