A Louisiana woman was recently arrested for using her cell phone to capture video of a police officer’s interaction with her disabled friend.

According to her YouTube video description, a disabled neighbor wanted to file a report with police about some harassment and threats he had been experiencing from another neighbor. However, he wanted her to film the complaint because he was uncertain how they would treat him. “He asked me to come over and video the interaction with police because in the past they have been very aggressive towards him,” writes whirl400.

When the officer arrived, he immediately separated the disabled man from his camera-wielding neighbor because he said he wanted to speak with the man alone. That is when she began to video the interaction, which ultimately led to her arrest.

“I had set the camera on the hood of my car to look inside of my vehicle for something. When I stepped back from the car to retrieve my camera, the officer noticed me. I wasn't expecting this to be an event even worth uploading. I just wanted it to ensure they were not so sarcastic and aggressive with him. Lesson learned: never take your camera off of the cop!” said the woman.

“This arrest cost me $300 in bail and about 8 hours of freedom. My husband was immediately called by my friend's Girlfriend,” she added. “When my husband arrived he took possession of the camera. The cops saw the exchange of the camera and surrounded my husband and yanked the phone out of his hand. They seized it and entered it into evidence. They did return it later at the jail after they did their research.”

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