If you've ever spent any time in Louisiana, Mississippi, or Alabama you'll know that we Southerners tend to be a suspicious lot.  I lived in Alabama in the early 90's and when we first moved there from Texas the people I'd meet would often say, "Y'ain't from aroun' here are ya?"  Not much has changed.

Personally, I think it's a holdover from the Civil War era.  It's as if we're still afraid that any day we'll be invaded by carpetbaggers who will try to "civilize" us. These interlopers will appropriate our culture.  They'll open crawfish restaurants and serve mudbugs with tofu and foie gras.  Forget hell!

It's not that we don't think other people should move here, we just need to make sure they assimilate.

I was prompted to write about this because of the latest WalletHub report that came out today.  This study lists 2017's most and least diverse states in the country.  Out of all 50 states in the Union, Louisiana ranks 50th in birthplace diversity.  Mississippi ranked 46th and Alabama, 43rd.

Those of us who were born here, stay here because our families have been here for ages. Just this past weekend my wife and I spent Saturday evening with one of my in-laws on a 40-acre patch of land in Frierson that's been in their family for generations. We cooked steaks out on the patio, and played 42 until Midnight, fighting off love bugs and mosquitoes all the while.  Life in Louisiana is good.  Just don't go bringin' around any of your soy lattes or tofu, or whatever it is you Yankees like.

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