Congressman Mike Johnson talks about the situation in Afghanistan and how poor decisions and planning by the President Biden and his State Department continue to endanger the lives of thousands of Americans.

"This may become the worst and most consequential foreign policy and national security disaster in our history," says the Congressman, referring to the chaotic withdrawal of American forces, "It's escalating now and will be a problem for weeks, months, years to come. The President...established an arbitrary withdrawal date from Afghanistan, but as everyone knows now he didn't establish or follow any of Trump's plan."

Here's everything the Congressman told KEEL listeners:

Then Johnson gives the latest information on the ongoing attempts to safely evacuate American citizens still in the country. "The Taliban has surrounded the Kabul airport, the only place left to get people out of the country," he says, adding that there are already reports of violence against anyone attempting to make it to safety. "The Taliban is wielding weapons paid for by American taxpayers because in Biden's infinite wisdom we're leaving all that behind.

"We have 15,000 Americans, somewhere around 80,000 allies who trusted and assisted us. All those people are left behind in (Afghanistan). A lot of innocent people are going to die because of this disaster."

"Weakness invites aggression," Johnson says, further criticizing Biden's decisions, "And when you talk about a consequential event that will be with us for the remainder of our lifetime, China, Russia and our other adversaries are mocking us...and they're making alliances with the Taliban. It could not be a worse case scenario than it is right now."

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