The Saints-less Superbowl in this weekend, and even though there are boycott parties galore - millions will tune in.  Sport's biggest spectacle has become so much more than an NFL game that decides the championship.  The halftime show has commanded the top performers in the world of entertainment, and the commercials are absolutely the best in the world.  So good, in fact, neuroscience experts at Louisiana State University have discovered that one of the mind-blowing commercials we'll see during breaks in the game will actually give our brains a "tingle."

That is the official science term used by real people in lab coats that get money and/or degrees that is being used to describe the sensation you should get when see and hearn the commercial Zoe Kravitz stars in this Sunday during the game.  According to the Houston Chronicle, the actress will be "whispering into a pair of microphones and softly tapping on a bottle," using a strange technique called ASMR (or autonomous sensory meridian response).  The effect is said to calm the brain and soothe those in an agitated emotional state, so what better place to try it out than the Superbowl?

Researchers at LSU have even found that some people experience a "rush" and tingling of the brain and spinal cord while listening to this ad.  Listen below and see for yourself.


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