Game BACK on!

After Hurricane Matthew helped push the original LSU vs. Florida date into "postponed" territory, the gloves came off. The SEC and Florida's football program were taken to task nationally for appearing to avoid the game at all costs.

This became a big deal to LSU when the wins and losses for other teams opened the door for the Tigers to have a mathematical shot at the SEC Championship Game, if the Florida game was played, and LSU won. But with the Florida game off the schedule, it took LSU out of contention for the SEC Championship...but that's all changed now.

New game date is set for November 19th, and most interestingly, the game is being moved to Baton Rouge. But it's not all sunshine and roses for LSU, they're giving up a future home game to Florida, and will play back-to-back games in Gainsville in 2017 and 2018.