No lines. No socializing. This is great!

Have you noticed how antisocial our society has become? In a world with social media, you would think that we would enjoy interacting more, but no... We would rather be buried in our phones living vicariously through someone else.

I'll get off the soap box now.

One thing that we don't have to do in public anymore is register to vote. In fact, there are 31 states in the US that offer this option and Louisiana is one of them. (Cue: Hallelujahs everywhere).

Just log onto You'll only need your driver's license or ID card handy and spare about 10 minutes to answer a few questions. Then select how you want to be notified if you've been approved or not once the process has been complete. You can even vote online if you have been approved.

I know it sounds a little unofficial or maybe even sketchy, but it's 2016 people! You should be able to exercise your right to vote, even if it is digitally.

Louisiana voters must be registered before the deadline on October 11.