Alan Moore, a 61-year-old Vietnam veteran and grandfather of five, has shown that you’re never too old to follow your dreams. At the age when most people enter retirement, Moore recently became the oldest college football player in history as a placekicker at Faulkner University in Alabama.

Are you listening, Hollywood? We’ve found your next heartwarming football flick.

In 1968, Moore played one season of football for a junior college and loved it. Sadly, the Vietnam War brought his athletic career to a premature end. After he was laid off from his construction job two years ago, however, Moore started to toy with the idea of returning to the gridiron. So Moore enrolled at Faulkner University and soon earned himself a place as a kicker for the Faulkner Eagles.

While football might seem like a younger man’s game, Moore, who’s at least 40 years older than other players, is determined to hold his own. Watch his uplifting story of determination below.

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