I'd like to believe there is some kindness and compassion in every human being. I am having trouble fostering my own beliefs this morning as I read about a sick event that took place in St. Charles Parish.

I have gone on record before as saying cats are not my favorite animals on the planet. I have even devised ways to keep my neighbor's cats from coming into my yard and messing with my dog. Not once during those plans did I ever consider doing anything that would hurt any cat. I just want to be transparent on this issue.

Cody Dupree of St. Charles Parish is a very sick man. A neighbor's cat wandered on to Mr. Dupree's property and obviously Mr. Dupree did not care for the cat's presence. His solution was to pullout his hunting bow and arrow and fire at the feline.

Sheriff Greg Champagne of St. Charles Parish told the Louisiana Radio Network that the cat was rushed immediately to a veterinary clinic for treatment.

I think the vet was able to provide first aid or medical attention to the animal, and apparently from what we know, he’s going to be okay.

Fortunately none of the kitty's vital organs were injured by this very inhumane act. The cat is expected to make a full recovery. Mr. Dupree is facing charges of felony cruelty to animals. His bond was set at $30-thousand dollars.  Dupree did bond out of the St.Charles Parish Jail and is awaiting his fate from the justice system.

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