In a rare display for this day and age, a fast food restaurant chain isn't looking to replace employees with machines in the face of the fight for a higher minimum wage - but is actually looking to expand their human workforce in Louisiana.  According to, the 2nd largest fast-food chain in the world (behind Subway) will dramatically expand it's workforce this summer starting with adding 5,000 + jobs in Louisiana alone!  The company's global workforce has already risen well above 1.9 million employees, and will most likely smash through the 2 million employee mark before the end of the year.  To put that in to perspective, it would take more than 4 times the amount of people currently living in Shreveport / Bossier to staff all of the McDonald's of the world.

The food McGiant is taking it one step further by dumping $1.5 million into their "Archways to Opportunity" programs.  According to the official McDonald's website for the program, Archways offers qualifying employees a chance to :

  • Improve English skills
  • Earn a high school diploma
  • Work toward a college degree
  • Get help making an education plan with advisors

If you or someone you know needs a job, and this sound like the one - click here to apply.

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