I think the phrase goes "no good deed goes unpunished." According to a new survey, men who do more housework get less sex than those who are considered more "manly."

I have to admit, I am the kind of guy who enjoys cooking, cleaning and doing the laundry.  So, you might think that most guys who want to be sweet and curry some bedroom time with their wives would try to do so by following suit. Well, it doesn't seem to work out that way, at least according to the survey.

The University of Washington has come to find that the more housework a married man does correlates to the time in the bedroom with his betrothed. For example, men who did a lot of housework averaged having "romantic moments" 3.2 times a month.

Conversely, men who only did "manly" jobs around the house like mowing the lawn, changing the oil or paying the bills had marital relations an average of 4.8 times a month.

Men cleaning. Is it a good idea?

Contrary to what the media would like you to believe, the research shows that shows that even though we've come a long way in gender equality, men and women still follow some old-fashioned patterns.

If a woman sees a man vacuuming, she can't help but lose some sexual attraction to him. On the flip side, when a woman sees a man only doing traditionally "manly" things like fixing the car, it reinforces his manliness and turns her on.

And as you would expect from this survey so far, when a man sees a woman doing household chores, it reinforces her femininity and makes him even more sexually attracted to her.

(FYI, one additional note from another survey: if your man is making the bed, chances are you will be doing more than sleeping.)