There are a lot of reasons that people would want to visit Louisiana. We have fun things happening all the time. Some people come for the party, some come for the food. Most people do not travel to our state to commit arson. Although it appears as though maybe one Michigan man did just that.

Why would someone book a flight from Michigan to New Orleans and then travel all the way to Vacherie just for the purpose of burning down a house? If you guessed revenge you'd be wrong in this case.

It looks as if money might have been the driving force behind this incident. According to a story in L'Observateur authorities believe Derrick McDonald flew to New Orleans in July and then traveled to Vacherie where his current wife has a home.

According to that same report, the home had been empty for several months and the Louisiana State Fire Marshal's office believes a fire was set at the residence in order to make an insurance claim.

The property was insured for over 200-thousand dollars and it also had content insurance for well over  170-thousand dollars. Neither McDonald nor his wife lived in the residence. In fact, they both currently reside in Farmington Hills Michigan.

The investigation into this incident continues. McDonald was arrested and charged with simple arson and misdemeanor contempt of court charges. He posted bail of over 25-thousand dollars and was released.


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