Sometimes, the words to a song are amazing, but the bubbly pop melody just doesn't cut it. Luckily, there are YouTube musicians ready to fix that problem. Enter: Guitarist Drewsif Stalin (bonus points for the awesome name) and singer Nikki Simmons, whose metal version of Miley Cyrus' ballad 'Wrecking Ball' helps it live up to its name a little better.

Simmons' vocals are aggressive and help push through the heavy notes from Stalin's 8-string Ibanez, transforming the song into something truly rock-worthy.

It doesn't end with Miley, either. Stalin has gone the metal route with other popular artists whose original songs we couldn't otherwise stand, including Katy Perry and One Direction. His exuberant persona stands out on the screen; he rocks out and proves that any song can be turned into a head-banging masterpiece.

What do you think? Does the metal cover of "Wrecking Ball" make it better?