According to KTLA, Lafourche Parish deputies arrested Sandy Chauvin on February 1st for animal cruelty and drug charges. She then posted bond for $40,000. Just twelve days later the deputies drug busted her home after her son, Nicholas Chauvin, was arrested for distribution of methamphetamine.

The deputies found items notorious for manufacturing methamphetamine. They also arrested Sandy's other son, Christian Chauvin, for drug charges.

Sheriff Craig Webre said his deputies found more than 130 cats when they were sent to a residence last month, WGNO reported. They also found seven dead cats and describe the living conditions as “very poor” with “a large amount of fecal matter” throughout the residence. -

KTLA reported that It took several days for animal control several days to gather the cats and send them to the Lafourche Parish Animal Shelter. KTLA also reported that all the cats were euthanized “due to their condition.”

You can get KTLA's full report here.


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