Motley Crue have made it clear -- this will be the band's final tour, and once New Year's Eve is complete, the group will have graced the stage for the final time. But is there a future for the band beyond the final show?

Bassist Nikki Sixx told Dallas/Fort Worth station 97.1 The Eagle Rocks, "In my opinion, yes, we're breaking up. We're done as a touring band. If you don't tour, you're not a band in a sense… Will we re-release our songs? Will they come out in movies? ... But I don't believe we're a band anymore after that."

Sixx was asked if he saw a time where they might record new music and he added, "I don't personally see a reason why not. I mean, the door's not shut. But my belief is you make music to tour. And, you know, nowadays music is not the sole purpose anymore, even though we all love music [and] we live music. But what I'm doing right now with my other band, Sixx: A.M., I'm making a double album, and I'm gonna go on tour for two years. Music is a way to get people to come see the band to play the music for them, but in the end, the music isn't like what it used to be. Now you put a record out so you can tour."

He continued, "I think [Motley Crue will be] a brotherhood and not a band. We're gonna call each other and say things like, 'Hey, this movie's coming up. What do you think? We can put one of our songs in it. It'll be cool. It'll be the tenth anniversary of us breaking up.' But I don't see a purpose to go in the studio and write songs."

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