For all the film buffs out there that prefer their film stars in the buff the winners for the 12th Mr. Skin's Anatomy Awards were announced today. Here's an awards show that should be televised!The Oscars celebrate the best films, but Mr. Skin's Anatomy Awards celebrates the "breast in show." We won't go over all of the winners of the 40 catagories here, but instead focus on the best of the breasts.

And the award goes to:

Breast Picture - Piranha 3D: Why it won? Nude parasailing, underwater nude scene  starring Kelly Brook and Riley Steele

Lifetime Skin-chievement Award - Jamie Lee Curtis: Why she won? iconic topless scene from 1983's Trading Places, steamy scene 1984 Love Letters, and I'm sure 1994's True Lies.

Best Lesbian Scene - Amanda Seyfried & Julianne Moore in Chloe

Best Nude Butt - Jessica Alba in The Killer Inside Me

Best Breasts - Jessica Paré who in Hot Tub Time Machine shows off her nice and natural pair of DD's

Best Nude Over 40 - Lucy Lawless for her work in Starz's Spartacus

Best Bikini - Kim Kardashian: for her "work" in Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami

Best Spanking Scene - Jessica Alba & Kate Hudson: for The Killer Inside Me. (--Sadly, they're not spanking each other. They both get spanked by Casey Affleck.)

Actress We Most Want to See Naked in 2011 - Brooklyn Decker

Best Naked and Dead - Christina Ricci for her nude corpse scene in After Life

Best Phone in Vagina - Mayra Leal in Machete probably a category we won't see returning in the 13th Annual Mr. Skin Anatomy Awards

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