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What a world we are living in!  You can say what you want about 2020, but it sure has gotten easier to see who people really are!  The veneer of civility has been peeled back by the COVID-19 crisis and all of the ensuing effects caused by it (massive unemployment, retail stores and restaurants closing left and right, etc.), weather disasters, and worldwide protests & riots over police brutality brought on by George Floyd's death - now, it seems a bit easier to see exactly who you are dealing with.

That isn't all bad, by the way.  Situations like the one(s) 2020 seems to be handing out like they are PEZ candies also give those who love doing good for their fellow man an opportunity to shine.  Take, for example, Saints wide receiver Mike Thomas.  When folks in his city started racking up hospital bills, he wanted to help.  Considering that Mr. Thomas is a very successful professional football player, he could have picked a couple of New Orleans residents and paid off their medical bills - but that wasn't enough.

Mike teamed up with an organization called RIP Medical Debt in order to get the maximum effect for his own, personal financial relief plan.  The organization works with companies that deal in medical debt in order to drive down the cost of paying off whole accounts.  When their financial cunning was combined with Mike Thomas' $20,000 donation - they were able to completely eliminate $2.3 million of medical debt!  To put that in perspective, Mike Thomas just paid medical bills for 1,025 people!

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