This summer, no border wall on Earth could stop the massive migration from Mexico into the United States via the great state of Texas.  300 million stunning and magnificent examples of nature's handiwork will come swooping elegantly over the southern border that divides Texas and Mexico this season, and that's great news - Etymologically speaking.

The USDA Future Scientists Program at claims that Monarch Butterfly numbers have been dropping in recent years, but this year marked a dramatic gain in breeding populations.  According to the report from the Houston Chronicle, there has been a 144% increase in Monarch numbers this year. - that means that approximately 300 million of these beauties will take to the sky.  What an incredible show this year for folks who are able to position themselves in the path of this aerial river of beauty.

Monarch butterflies migrate more than 2500 miles 2 times every year.  In the winter they fly to Mexico or Southern California (depending upon which side of the Rocky Mountain they are on), then every summer they fly back to their homes in the United States of America.

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