International trade has to be one of the most difficult issues to deal with.  So many details and hidden agendas clashing together at once must make it nearly impossible to choose a policy that makes everyone happy.  The latest unintended consequence of our ongoing struggle to ensure fair and even trade with China could affect your Sunday morning routine.

CBS news is reporting that President Trump's latest proposed tariffs aimed at leveling the playing field could cause a bible shortage.  What do international trade relations have to do with the good book?  Around 150 million bibles are made in China every year.  

Bible publishers like HarperCollins Christian Publishing are voicing their concern that this move will drastically increase the cost of printing the bestselling book of all time, and therefore drastically increase the price for consumers - and that's not the worst case scenario.  The greater fear is that publishers simply won't be able to find other sources for the services and products they currently get from China - leading to a bible shortage.

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