Right now, if you got into an auto accident in Louisiana, a repair estimate could be based on a picture of the damage to your vehicle.  That means that an insurance adjuster isn't legally required to physically inspect the damage caused by said accident in order to get the ball rolling in the direction of getting your car back to the condition you are used to.  If House Bill 437 becomes the latest law in the Bayou State, that could all change.

The proposed legislation, put forth by State Representative Kirk Talbot, would force adjusters to inspect the damage with their own eyes in order to look for damage not apparent in a picture.  The new law would allow for pictures to be used in communication between the adjuster and the company making the repairs in the case of additional repairs needed in case further damage is discovered during the process.  Even then, if there is a dispute, the adjuster would be again required to inspect the new found damage in person.

The bill also says that insurance companies (or the independent agencies they contract) will not be able to require pictures of the damage in order to obtain an appraisal.

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